Orderable review: every Local business needs this!

Orderable is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps local businesses make more revenue by optimizing the order process. Its necessary for any local business that wants to make their products purchasable before pick up or delivery. 

Businesses like restaurants can use it to make their items purchasable and customizable on their website. 

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The Beginning

Orderable has been in development for over a year. The idea was born to Adam Preiser at the beginning of Covid when local people are struggling to get orders. 

The existing solutions are extremely complex and are not all in one. 

To make such a solution before, you would have to combine many things before and even then, it wouldn’t optimize the entire process properly. 

Adam made this plugin to help combat that issue. Adam has launched other awesome WordPress products like CartFlows and Presto Player, so you can be sure you get a quality product with good support.

Orderable is focused on three key areas.

Order Optimization: Orderable is different to other typical ecommerce systems wherein it optimizes the ordering process and makes it easy for the user. 

Checkout Optimization: The plugin optimizes the checkout process for scheduling delivery, tipping and many more.

Revenue optimization: Orderable is optimized to increase the revenue throughout the process to get the average order value increased, which helps the local business generate additional revenue 

Orderable solves a very complex problem for local businesses while offering the best ordering experience to buyers. 

How products are selected and customized

Unlike a typical e-commerce scenario, you need the products to be added to the cart quickly, and the products need to be customized. Take a restaurant, for example, where you are ordering a menu item, and you need to make a lot of choices to customize it. 

Order Flow

So order flow is your control over when your business can and cannot receive orders and how many orders can be placed for a business that’s not open on weekends, its important that they not receive orders on those particular days but still be able to get orders for week days. You can also limit the number of orders that can be placed so that you will be able to fulfill them.

Customer checkout

It includes an option to include tipping, scheduling delivery and optimizing the entire process to not make it overwhelming to the buyer. 

The checkout process can be customized to not remove unnecessary fields.  

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